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Evangelism and Discipleship – Look Inside the Nov/Dec 2015 Issue

Evangelism and Discipleship – Look Inside the Nov/Dec 2015 Issue


Inside the Nov/Dec Issue

Evangelism and Discipleship

The good news invites us into rest, but also involves the high and costly call to follow—and to invite others on the journey. So as we think about evangelism, we’re disinclined to separate it from discipleship. Rightly understood, they are inseparable.

So we imagine, instead, the interlocking ideas of incarnation—through faith, Christ is born in us. Influence—as his disciple we are privileged to leave his footsteps throughout our world. And our influence is truly his impulse moving through us—his life within us, and the world tastes redemption because we serve it. But invitation follows influence, because it is unimaginable that we should stop short of explaining the wonder of Christ in us and throwing wide the door to all. Evangelism.

It’s such a small thing to use our words. Who would think they had the power to change someone’s eternity and spark a celebration throughout the halls of heaven? But they do.

We use our influence, then, but we never forget the inseparable words of invitation.

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