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Collaborative Leadership

In the Sept/Oct 2015 Issue: Emotionally Healthy Leaderships, Teams That Thrive, Building a Vibrant Team, Leadership and the Culture War, Leading Well at Home and the Outreach Interview with Peter Scazzero

Leadership—Heart, Soul and Structure

Why leaders today need to balance the heart and organization to serve Jesus well.

Leadership You Can Make Happen

Brad Lomenick: "Take heart, take courage, and put these five leadership keys into practice."

Fight Fear With Change

Bobby Gruenewald: "A culture of change creates an environment where impatience, fear and feeling overwhelmed have trouble taking hold."

‘We’re Not Growing. Why?’

Brad Powell: "Everybody likes the idea of reaching new people, but not everybody likes the reality of it."

How to Be Remarkable

Brad Lomenick: “The great news is that being remarkable doesn’t require a huge budget or hundreds of staff members.”

The Unexpected Advantage of a Disrupted Idea

All ideas, even the good ones, need to be challenged or disrupted in order to elevate their effectiveness.

Reflections on the American Megachurch and the Obligations of Leadership

Collected wisdom from Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren, Miles McPherson and others