Dan Kimball

Dan Kimball is the author of several books on leadership, church and culture. He was one of the founders of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California, where he still serves on staff. He is also a faculty member at Western Seminary and leads the ReGeneration Project, which exists to equip and encourage new generations to think theologically and participate in the mission of the church. Find free downloadable videos and study guides for his book How (Not) to Read the Bible at dankimball.com

When Tradition Obscures Mission

Are you holding onto tradition because it’s familiar or because it's the most effective way to reach new generations for Jesus?

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"One person who was excited about seeing new generations come to know Jesus was a 91-year-old woman named Ruth."

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"When it comes to innovation, there should be no group on the planet that strives to think creatively like the local church does."

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Dan Kimball: A Church of Many Pastors

"'Pastor' is a metaphor for someone who spiritually cares for people. I want to be a leader who makes sure pastoring happens."