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Fighting the War at Home: Ministry Brings Healing and Recovery to Veterans Battling PTSD

REBOOT Combat Recovery offers a 12-week program for veterans and their families. Here's how you can get involved.

This Easter, Take a Trip to the Holy Land—Without Leaving Your Home

The Octagon Project and YouVersion have partnered to create a free, immersive virtual-reality tour of the Holy Land.

Reclaiming the Adventure of Christianity

"As the church, we need to seek the adventure that comes with sharing the message of Jesus."

Clean, Living Water for All: The Mission of Water4

Organization provides the means for clean drinking water to areas of the world where it's most scarce.

Last-Minute Super Bowl Outreach Ideas

No, it's not too late for your church to use the Super Bowl for outreach. Check out some of these last-minute ideas.

8 Last-Minute Christmas Outreach Ideas

"Is it too late for Christmas outreach? As it turns out, it’s never too late—and we’ve got a trunkful of ideas to prove it."

A Stranger’s Gift, a Child’s Faith

A young woman's story of how a stranger's gift set her down a path of lifelong faith.

The ‘Amen’ Life: A Fresh Approach to Walking Daily With Christ

"Think of how freeing that will be, when we start to embrace this attitude."