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Just One Path

They symbolically left their old way of life. They broke with the past—their past vocation, their sense of self, and their identity— and fully embraced the future with Jesus. That’s what a disciple does.

Are We Building God’s Kingdom or Our Own?

The first and best of what you are has to be laid in surrender at Jesus’ feet. Only then will it bring life to the world.

Into the Culture

Today a lot of people are talking about the church and culture. We are told that we need to engage the culture or understand...

3 Ways to Stay Focused on Jesus

When life brings waves, these practices will keep your eyes fixed on your Savior.

The Way of Justice

Excerpted from 'The Ninefold Path of Jesus' (IVPress)

From Admiring Jesus to Following Him

Follow the one who will never let you down.

Whose Side Is Jesus On?

If you wanted Jesus for your side, he disappointed you. If you wanted Jesus for Jesus, he quenched you.

A Conversation With Author Randy Frazee

Lessons learned from a life following Christ