The Church’s Identity Crisis: Why Authenticity Matters

Phil Cooke: "Stop trying to be a bad version of something else, and be an incredible version of who you are."

4 Steps to Generating Church Momentum

"If your church is slowly growing, struggling or just plain stuck, there is a process that can help you get moving and get growing."

My Love/Hate Relationship With Leadership

Ed Stetzer: "Leadership was not something I naturally inherited; it was a skill and a practice I had to learn."

Incarnational Ministry: A Kingdom of Harlots

Hugh Halter: "I wonder if we spend too much time condemning people who don’t live as 'clean' as we think they should."

Why I Gave Up Working for God

"How are we to accomplish this daunting task of advancing the kingdom of God … both in the world and in ourselves?"

3 Ways to Keep Your Church Focused on Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "Keeping a church focused on evangelism is similar to running a marathon."

5 Habits of Healthy Church Growth

God is inviting us to participate in the expansion of his kingdom. Here are several ways to accept that invitation.

The Top 10 Reasons We Don’t Trust God

"Letting go of control and trusting Jesus is the core of the Christian life—every day, every hour, every moment, of every day."

Is Your Church a Safe Place for People With Same-Sex Attraction?

"Step one is to realize that you already have church members who experience same-sex attraction."

Rick Warren: Pastor, What You Do Matters

"You are a blessing to your congregation, and even though they may not see all the things you do as their pastor, God does."