7 Things Pastors Owe Their Congregations

"Believers who support the work of the Lord with their money and time have a right to expect certain things from their shepherd."

7 Foolish Reasons to Leave a Church

"The church exists as the vehicle to make the gospel known to the world. The church does not exist to meet your needs."

4 Things Every Youth Pastor Must Do Before the New Year

"As you wrap up another year, I hope you are encouraged by what God has done and challenged by what he’s shown you."

5 Dangers of Church Bullies

"If no one is willing to confront church bullies, the church is already on a path toward decline and death."

The Main Reason People Don’t Become Church Members

"Church membership should not consist of rules designed to keep people out, but ramps to help people grow."
6 Reasons America's Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

6 Reasons America’s Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

“If you want to see more people coming to Christ, the answer is not just finding the silver-bullet program.”
The Most Dangerous Myth About Student Ministry

The Most Dangerous Myth About Student Ministry

"In what other job would youthful inexperience be a selling point for a candidate?"

A Pastor’s Reflection on His Church’s Evangelism Journey

“For me, evangelism was a project rather than a lifestyle, and that had to change.”

10 Ways I Keep My Passion to Pastor

"As God leads you, follow with willingness. And as you become more passionate, so will the congregation you lead."

13 Pastor Mistakes That Hinder Growth

"Here are 13 common mistakes that lead to sluggish growth, or even decline. Fix these and watch what happens."