A Culture of Invitation

How focusing on existing relationships to invite people to church brought spiritual life to Faith Church.

Living a Gospel-Saturated Life

“What else might we do today that would be more significant than telling others that the God of the universe loves them and desires for them to know him and be saved from their sins forever?”

Being Christ’s Hands and Feet

How reaching out to the surrounding community revived Crossroads United Methodist Church.

New Vision Fuels a Church's Movement

How Granger Community Church emerged from “a season of stagnation.”

How to Get Your Message Heard

“We need to wake up to living and sharing our witness in a media-saturated culture.”

A Super Bowl Champ Tackles Men’s Ministry

Chad Hennings, a former defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, discusses his dependence on God and helping other men grow in their faith.

What Part Do Pastors Play in Growing Congregations?

Researchers explore the data from the U.S. Congregational Life Survey.

A Redemptive Truce in the Culture War

"Non-Christians experience countercultural Christianity when they’re invited to experience the faith without necessarily making commitments first."

A Church Rebounds With a Change of Heart

How a commitment to love people as they are brought growth to Creekside Church.

Are You Exhibiting Grace at Home?

Sharing the Gospel and extending grace elsewhere will be hard and inauthentic if you don’t start at home.