How to Disciple Families in a Multiethnic Lifestyle

Children learn about multiethnic relationships from their parents. Here are ways to model healthy relationships.

The Power of Diverse Leadership

“Credibility begins and ends in what is modeled from the top.”

Mosaix Conference Explores the Healthy Multiethnic Church

Hope for All is the theme of Mosaix’ 4th National Multiethnic Church Conference.

Bryan Loritts: Diversity Is Not a Fringe Issue—Part 1

“You have to construct a philosophy of ministry where you show people that diversity and reconciliation aren’t fringe issues, but that they’re tethered to the gospel.”

Leading Toward a Multiethnic Future

“A movement of economically diverse and multiethnic churches can profoundly shape the trajectory of America’s future.”

From the Heart of a Pastor: Personal Reflections on the 44th President of the...

"We explained to our children that in America's 240 years of historical existence, this was a first."

The Forefront of Racial Reconciliation: A South African Church Pursues a Multicultural Vision

“The pulse of racial healing is part of the church’s emphasis on justice and compassion.”

The Power of Unity in a Divided Society

Romans 16 highlights the unity in diversity of the early church.

Race and the Gospel: What Happens When We Compartmentalize Faith?—Part 2

“Surely the Good News of Jesus Has Something to Say to the Greatest Historic Injustice of the Last 500 Years.”

Encouraging Signs for Multiethnic Churches

Pastors of color face unique challenges, but there are encouraging signs that they are beginning to overcome them.