Pastors and Leaders: Why The Big Picture Matters

You need to understand the “why” before you can ever tackle the “how.”

Our creative team at Cooke Pictures helps churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations create websites, launch social media campaigns, produce media programming like documentaries and TV shows and create amazing videos.

At any given time we’re working with various clients on the kind of media projects that inspire and motivate their audience, congregation or donors. Over the years, we’ve learned a key principle that helps our clients win again and again:

Be focused on the bigger picture.

Whatever you do in media—build a website, produce a video, launch a marketing campaign, publish a book or whatever—understand that each of those elements are part of a much bigger story.

In today’s distracted world, where people are being overwhelmed with communication and media messages, anything you create has to be part of a bigger, multi-platform strategy to maximize those opportunities.

Talented video, social media and communication teams with brilliant ideas are a great start, but until they understand the bigger strategy of how to reach your audience, you’ll never make an impact.

Think before you produce. Ask the “why” before you explore the “how.”

As our church communication strategist Dawn Nicole Baldwin says: “If you want to know which road to take, it helps to first know where you’re going.”

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