Tag: Phil Cooke

Don’t Affirm Talent Over Character

You may have the talent, but do you have the will to act? Do you have the will to make the hard choices? The ethical choices? The sacrificial choices?

Sparking a Genuine Interest in Jesus

It’s not about defending the faith anymore; it’s about sparking a genuine interest in it.

Make Your Point, and Let It Go

From discussions to outright debates, know when you’ve made your point.

The Case for Trained Security at Church

The truth is that highly trained security professionals can be invisible to the congregation if that makes you more comfortable.

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity and Failure

Sometimes, we wallow in our failure or rejection in an effort to understand it. But often, it’s just a matter of timing, chemistry, or circumstance.

The Apostle Paul’s Secret to Sharing His Faith

We often overcomplicate evangelism when all we need to do is just do it.

10 Suggestions for Bridging Racial Divides

The racial reckoning that’s been happening across the country has been critically important, but if we let it wane, it will be for nothing.

Is Your Church’s Internal Culture Lagging Behind?

The bigger the organization, the slower the speed.