Why I’m Thankful for the ‘New Atheists’

"I’m very thankful that God is God, and nothing surprises him. No human argument causes him to cease existing.”

Is There Really Just One Way to God?

Sean McDowell: “We can’t change how everyone thinks. But we can change us. And that’s our opportunity.”

5 Practices of Fruitful Congregations

These five practices will change the life of your church.

The Power of the Small Things

Dan Kimball: “Can we talk or Facebook or blog about different beliefs with gentleness and respect?”

Course Corrections for Life and Ministry

Wisdom and insight gained from 40 years of prayer and listening to God

3 Crucial Principles of Discipleship

Brad Powell: "There is no 'best model' for making disciples. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise."

Why the Metric for Love Is Sacrifice

"Our culture’s concept of love is primarily self-driven and pleasure-seeking. Jesus’ love expects and anticipates sacrifice."

4 Ways to Be an Emotionally Healthy Leader

Pete Scazzero: "Biblically, It's not possible for a Christian to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature."

The Glaring Problem with Our Prayers

Yes, pray longer. Yes, pray more frequently. But what does it matter if you pray for five minutes or ten? Once a day or twice a day?

Why We Must Teach Apologetics Unapologetically

Dan Kimball: "I don’t think there ever has been a more urgent need to teach apologetics."