Good Idea. Now What?

Knowing is not half the battle.

It is not that difficult for leaders in our world today to learn new principles, paradigms and strategic processes for better idea creation and execution. The truly difficult part is actually doing the work that these ideas require for organizational impact. The irony is that many who already know and understand what they ought to do for organizational improvement don’t do much about it outside of talking and delegating.

It is not enough to know how to integrate a new strategy or process into organizational culture or understand the intricacies of design thinking. If we do not execute these ideas by embedding them into our own lives and the processes of our respective organizations, they will all become impotent theories for creating change.

It is far easier to talk about what we know and then delegate those ideas to others on our team in hopes of organizational innovation than it is to embrace the work itself. Knowing is not half the battle. It is only the starting point of the work that truly brings change to the life of any organization.

Always remember that ideas don’t work. We do.

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