Tag: Experience Speaks

Experience Speaks: Ken Foreman

Ken Foreman: "People can stand evolution more than revolution. Change seems to work best two degrees at a time."

Experience Speaks: Tim Harlow

Tim Harlow: "I have a 31-year marriage and grown kids who love and serve Jesus. That’s always been the priority."

Experience Speaks: Bob Merritt

Bob Merritt: "Don’t get too excited about the highs or too depressed about the lows."

Experience Speaks: Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers: "Motive is the leader’s greatest friend if it’s pure, a leader’s worst enemy if it’s not pure."

Experience Speaks: Steve Poe

Steve Poe: "Success is seeing people step across the line of faith and follow Christ."

Experience Speaks: Dudley Rutherford

Dudley Rutherford: "I don’t buy in for a second that a pastor of a large church deserves some type of special status."

Experience Speaks: Ron Vietti

Ron Vietti: "People desire transparency and honesty about real life issues more than they desire deep theological enlightenment."

“I Was Encouraged When …”

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