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Megachurch World: A Church With 50,000 Seats?

While some headline-making megachurch facilities grow bigger, the average auditorium size is actually getting smaller.

Experience Speaks: J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear: "Success is raising up leaders and sending them out. Sending capacity, not seating capacity, ought to be our target."

Experience Speaks: Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson: "There’s too much I don’t know and will never know, but I know the one who does."

Experience Speaks: Gregg Matte

Gregg Matte: "It is never going as good as people say or as bad as people say."

Experience Speaks: Shawn Johnson

"The church is this crazy paradox to me. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to manage; yet he’s in control of it all."

Experience Speaks: Craig Altman

Craig Altman: "People appreciate transparency and keeping it real, both from the pulpit and in everyday life."

Experience Speaks: Kenton Beshore

Kenton Beshore: "In our neediness, we run the risk of taking responsibility for what he's doing."

Experience Speaks: Dan Betzer

Dan Betzer: "A church cannot possibly be any stronger than its knowledge of the Word."