Tag: Dan Kimball

How (Not) to Read the Bible

Is it still “the Good Book”? That depends on how we read it.

Church Planting With a 91-Year-Old Hugging Usher

"One person who was excited about seeing new generations come to know Jesus was a 91-year-old woman named Ruth."

Dan Kimball: Beyond ‘Outside the Box’

"When it comes to innovation, there should be no group on the planet that strives to think creatively like the local church does."

Where I Find My Best Outreach Ideas

Dan Kimball: Four questions to consider as you find innovative ways to increase your church’s impact in the community.

WWHDD: What Would His Disciples Do?

Dan Kimball: “A disciple of Jesus should be just as passionate as his first disciples.”

Dan Kimball: A Church of Many Pastors

"'Pastor' is a metaphor for someone who spiritually cares for people. I want to be a leader who makes sure pastoring happens."

The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

Dan Kimball: “Unlike church staff, volunteers don’t have the luxury of scheduling Fridays or Mondays off.”

Why Justice Needs Evangelism

Dan Kimball: "If we care about justice, we have to care about making new disciples."