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Your One-Word Goal

We’re pre-deciding to be faithful because we will never be faithful by accident. You may have a fluke day of faithfulness, but no one is faithful day after day after day without great intentionality.

Bobby Gruenewald & Craig Groeschel: Making Connections

“The goal is not to just deliver content, but to develop community.”—Bobby Gruenewald

Why ‘Trying’ Alone Won’t Change Your Life

To finally experience the change and victory we desire, it’s essential that we understand the difference between trying and training. So read those definitions again until you’ve got it.

Lead Like It Matters

Perspective hacks for the post-pandemic church leader

The Battle for Your Mind

You cannot change what you do not confront.

Craig Groeschel: The Power of a God-Honoring Mindset

What does renewing your mind really mean?

RE:NEW Talks—Real Conversations for Pastors and Leaders Right Now

The Luis Palau Association is hosting a free online pastor’s gathering on October 29.

Craig Groeschel: Dangerous Prayers

Because Following Jesus Was Never Meant to Be Safe (Zondervan)