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Four Obstacles to Loving People Like Jesus Did

Jesus saw every obstacle as a unique opportunity to love someone intentionally, and when he did this Jesus changed the world one at a time.

Mi Gente

Excerpted From Abuelita Faith

Power Comes From Our Hearts

Excerpted from 'Redeeming Power' (Baker Publishing)

Fall 2018 Bible Roundup

Here's a sampling of the Bibles being released this fall.

Why Study Moral Leaders From the Past?

Studying the lives of moral leaders from the past can strengthen our ability to discern moral leadership in our own lives.

Getting Rid of the Trappings of Cultural Christianity

It's time to bury the cultural practices and idols that have subtly become part of the American church's DNA.

Jesus Revolution

Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn: How God Transformed an Unlikely Generation and How He Can Do It Again Today