D.A. Horton

D.A. Horton serves as pastor of Reach Fellowship, a church plant in Long Beach, California.

D.A. Horton: InTENSIONal

Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World

The Right PACE to Develop Leaders

Leaders raising up other leaders must learn to take their time discipling them.

Why Latinos Are the Church of Tomorrow

The Latino demographic is experiencing explosive growth, and the church must take notice.

Sharing the Gospel as a ‘Plea Bargain’

In our culture, the concept of a plea bargain can offer a helpful explanation of the gospel.

Remember, We Are Family

There are many things that threaten to divide us, but we are united in the blood of Christ.

Bound to Be Free: Escaping the Performance Trap

"If you’re caught in the performance trap, Christ wants to lead you out of this personal prison you were not sentenced to live in."