Tag: 2015 Outreach Resources of the Year

What Makes Pentecostals Such Effective Mobilizers?

J.D. Greear: Pentecostal Christians more effectively mobilize people for mission than any other group on the planet. Why is that?

The Key to Overcoming Shame

"With surprising nonchalance and candor she blurted out, 'I’m having an affair with my boss.' Instantly her demeanor changed."

Russell Moore: Two Contradictory Gospels

"A Christianity that doesn't prophetically speak for human dignity is a Christianity that has lost anything distinctive to say."

J.D. Greear: Helping Your People Glimpse the Vision

"The slightest glimpse of what 'can be' creates more willingness to change than any sermons we can preach."

Chuck Colson: Taking the Gospel to the Captives

"It was during the period in which he lost his own dignity that his desire to promote the dignity of others roared to life."

13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

The best resources from apologetics to social justice, culture to relationships, leadership to children and youth—2015

Apologetics: 13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Frank Turek: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case

Evangelism: 13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Owen Strachan: Loving Your Neighbor and Living with Faith in a Hostile World