A Missional Shift: Mountain Christian Church

No. 41 Fastest-Growing: Mountain Christian Church in Maryland Seeks to Bless and Serve Its Region

Authentic Gospel: Sandals Church

No. 45 Fastest-Growing: The Leaders and Members at Sandals Church in California Share the Gospel With Authenticity

An Irresistible Unity: Northeast Christian Church

No. 49 Fastest-Growing: Northeast Christian Church in Kentucky Focuses on Church Unity and Church Health

A Relational Culture: Valley Real Life

No. 51 Fastest-Growing: Valley Real Life in Washington Fosters Christ-Centered Relationships

Living Water: Liquid Church

No. 55 Fastest-Growing: Liquid Church in New Jersey Is an Oasis for a Wide-Ranging Community

Innovation and Hospitality: Impact Church

No. 56 Fastest-Growing: Impact Church in Georgia Stands Out in the Bible Belt

The ‘Wow’ Factor: Crossroads Christian Church

No. 59 Fastest-Growing: Crossroads Christian Church in Texas Serves Community With State-of-the-Art Facilities

Inside-Out Living: Pinelake Church

No. 60 Fastest-Growing: Members at Pinelake Church in Mississippi Are Spurred Into Strategic Spiritual Growth

Two Generations, One Body: Generation Church

No. 64 Fastest-Growing: Generation Church in Arizona Reaches Young and Old Alike

A Glimpse of Heaven: Sugar Creek Baptist Church

No. 68 Fastest-Growing: Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Texas Values Diversity and Families