Telling the Story of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible and the saga of the world’s most important book

3 Essential Ingredients of a Great Sermon

Without these three components, your sermon will be missing something essential to the Christian life.

A Short Guide to Children’s Ministry Check-In Stations

Here are the essentials to set up a children's ministry check-in process.

Encouraging Christians to Have Spiritual Conversations

Barna: Three-quarters of self-identified U.S. Christians have fewer than 10 spiritual conversations a year.

Pastors Remain Optimistic About Church Growth

LifeWay Research: Seventy-nine percent of pastors say weekly worship attendance at their church will increase in the next five years.

Do You Need to Pay the Federal Parking Lot Tax?

Everything you need to know about the parking lot tax and whether your church needs to pay it.

Conference Addresses Why Emerging Adults Are Leaving the Church

Learn how we can recapture a theology and lifestyle that draws emerging generations back into a relationship with God and his church.

Alister E. McGrath: Mere Discipleship

Growing in Wisdom and Hope

Finding Mentors in Books

Though not as powerful as face-to-face mentoring, through books we can be mentored by those who have passed.

Bibles for the World Tackles Slide Toward Bible Illiteracy

Bibles for the World's 'Learn the Bible in a Year' book and daily radio broadcast aims to combat the rise in biblical illiteracy.