2|42 Community Church: No. 10 Fastest-Growing Church, 2016

“2|42 has a healthy and externally focused culture. We’re not seeker sensitive; we are seeker obsessed."

Tapping Into Joy: BridgePoint Church

No. 13 Fastest-Growing: BridgePoint Church in Florida Seeks out the Unchurched and Dechurched

Persuading Through Love: Park Valley Church

No. 22 Fastest-Growing: Love Is the Formula for Growth at Park Valley Church in Virginia

Intersection of Grace and Truth: Traders Point Christian Church

No. 23 Fastest-Growing: Traders Point Christian Church in Indiana Puts Newcomers at Ease

A Healthy Plant: Orchard Church

No. 29 Fastest-Growing: Orchard Church in Colorado Finds Growth Through Church Health

God’s Faithfulness: Lifegate Church

No. 30 Fastest-Growing: Lifegate Church in Nebraska Overcomes Church Split, Finds New Unity

A City’s Best Friend: Vineyard Columbus

No. 32 Fastest-Growing: Vineyard Columbus in Ohio Reaches the Lost, the Last and the Least

Small Groups, Big Growth: New Community Bible Fellowship

No. 33 Fastest-Growing: New Community Bible Fellowship in Ohio Bucks Tradition, Creates Life-Changing Community

A Culture of Authenticity: Sun Valley Community Church

No. 34 Fastest-Growing: People Are Invited to be Real at Sun Valley Community Church in Arizona

A Diverse Family: Community Christian Church

No. 40 Fastest-Growing: Community Christian Church in Florida Reflects the Diversity of Its City