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Reignite the Passion for Women Bible Teachers

Let’s embrace lifelong learning, cultivate a heart for discipleship, and ignite a fire in ourselves and others for the transformative power of Scripture.

An SBC Pastor Responds to the Decision on Women in Ministry

I greatly respect president of Southern Seminary, Al Mohler, but disagree with him on this biblical issue. As a conversative evangelical Christian, I understand the fears and concerns the Southern Baptist Convention has regarding the ordination of women.

Are We Listening to the Women in Our Churches?

Respect and common courtesy should be the dialect of the church.

Women in God’s Mission

Mary T. Lederleitner: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead

The Dizzying Inconsistencies of Gender Restrictions in the Church

Women have reported a leadership landscape of rules regulations constantly shifting beneath their feet.

Does the Bible Restrict the Callings of Women?

Whether or not women are ordained in a particular denomination, God always provides the means for them to fulfill their calling.

Now That I’m Called

Kristen Padilla: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry