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How Women Leaders Can Embrace Criticism

Embracing criticism as an opportunity for personal and professional growth is a skill that can set you apart.

What I’ve Learned About Being a Woman and a Leader in the Church

It’s this idea we must hold dear: Rather than seeing what is on the outside, we are to, like God, look at the heart—what’s inside.

4 Ways Church Leaders Can Support Ministry to Women

How to foster and support a thriving women's ministry

How to Raise Up Women Leaders

Raising up women leaders should matter to all of us, but it requires an oft-lacking intentionality. Women make up more than half the church, and...

Speaking to the Pain of Women in the Church

The healing we receive allows us to speak healing to the church.

Women in God’s Mission

Mary T. Lederleitner: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead

The Dizzying Inconsistencies of Gender Restrictions in the Church

Women have reported a leadership landscape of rules regulations constantly shifting beneath their feet.