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Healing Our Wounds

What Our Bodies Can Teach Us About Christian Community

When Disciple-Making Gets Messy

Excerpted from 'How to Save the World: Disciple-Making Made Simple'

Making Disciples Exponentially

What could God do if everyday men and women were faithful to reach even one person in their circle who could then go on to reach someone in their circle?

Eugene H. Peterson: The Message New Testament

“The Bible is not only written about us but to us.”

The Secret to Healing the Racial Divide

Racism and racial injustice are sins so deeply embedded in our culture that it is going to require disciples of Jesus who thoroughly rely on the Holy Spirit and who passionately inhabit Jesus’ love to change things.

Sam Rainer: A Local Church Renaissance

A Pathway for Church Health and Growth

Pastor’s Toolbox: The Filament Bible

Filament Bible Combines God’s Word and New Technology

The Books of Moses

God is presented to us not in ideas and arguments but in events and actions that involve each of us personally.