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How to Invest in Caring for Your Soul

5 Ways to Stay in Leadership for the Long Haul

How Is Your Soul?

Caring for your soul means caring for the unique, God-breathed identity that includes your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational self.

4 Affirming Truths for Pastors — Especially on a Monday

While there isn’t always much pastors can do to circumvent the emotional and spiritual ascents and descents that seem to accompany their weekly rhythms, there are things they can do to ensure that they remain healthy for the long haul in the midst of it.

Sean Nemecek: Wholeness After Burnout

Teams that thrive tend to encourage one another seven to nine times more than they criticize.

Saved Souls and Wind in Your Sails

Soulwinning isn’t the only key to staying strong in ministry, of course. We must also learn to rest, recharge, and renew. We must take our Sabbaths seriously and keep our bodies, souls, and minds in biblical balance.

Don’t Carry the Weight of Ministry Alone

Addressing the chronic stress that is burning many pastors out

6 Keys to Soul Care for Church Leaders

Essential practices to make sure you’re taking care of your soul.

Can We Get a Do-Over?

"Taking time to name what you experienced last year is a worthy investment."