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Evangelism Reimagined

Seeking the thriving and wholeness of others

The Gospel in Times of Crisis

What we've learned from the crises of this year about sharing the gospel

Crank Up the Heat!

Teens who share their faith own their faith, and teens who own their faith are much more likely to keep their faith after they graduate. So it’s vitally important that you crank up the heat of evangelism in your youth ministry.

Why We Are ALL Missionaries

We once thought ourselves a religious majority, but we are now a convictional minority. We've got to shift our thinking.

When Evangelism Is Missing

What do we lose when a church stops being about reaching nonbelievers?

Conversation Starter: Neil Tomba Rides 3,000 Miles to Listen

Neil Tomba’s coast-to-coast ride to listen to people’s stories.

Joining God in His Work

In the kingdom of god, you are an essential worker.

What Churches Need Right Now

This article is not for just anyone. It’s for people who are committed Christ followers who have a church home. It’s not for church...