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Does God Want You to Prosper Financially?

LIfeWay Research: Many Protestant churchgoers say their church teaches that God will bless them if they donate money.

Why People Stay at a Church—and Why They Leave

LifeWay Research: The more people go to church, the more committed they are to attending their same church in the future.

How a Personal Touch Drives Churchgoer Giving

More than half of Protestant churchgoers say a personal connection inspired them to give money to a charity for the first time.

Greeters and Gifts: How Churches Welcome Guests

LifeWay Research: According to the study, the average pastor says their church does six different things to welcome guests.

Even if They Don’t Go to Church, People Love VBS

From it's outset, VBS has been popular for kids and parents alike. Here's the proof.

Churches Rarely Discipline Church Members, Survey Shows

Research shows that churches rarely reprimand church members, despite New Testament guidelines

The Generosity Factor: Why Growing Churches Feel Compelled to Reach Out

“To achieve our mission of reaching the world, we need to partner with and help equip other churches.”

3 Keys to Engaging a Post-Church Culture

Lessons from this year's Outreach magazine/LifeWay Research survey of large, fast-growing churches.