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You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Please Everyone

Learning to balance the natural tension of loving and caring for people, but not allowing someone to leverage their personal agenda or hijack the vision of your church is part of the leader’s responsibility.

The Wise No

You will have the chance to do a thousand things. But you will only be able to do a few of them well.

The Beauty of Declining Invitations

Sometimes you immediately know you should say no. In that case, a firm but gracious no is appropriate. It may feel awkward, but that uncomfortable emotion will quickly pass.

7 Excellent Reasons to Learn to Say No

A failure to say no costs far more than developing a discipline to not always say yes.

How to Say No in a Positive Way

Saying no is never fun, but it's an essential leadership skill.

Kevin Harney: No Is a Beautiful Word

Hope and Help for the Overcommitted and (Occasionally) Exhausted

How to Say No Gracefully

Learning to say no is an essential leadership skill, but how do you do it in a gracious manner?