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The Missing Ingredient in Church Leadership

What we’re overlooking in our conversations about leadership

Have You Overstayed Your Welcome?

Many pastors have the stamina and ability to keep shepherding well into their 70s. But there is a point when the body simply cannot handle the rigors of ministry.

3 Underutilized Disciplines That Will Make Your Preaching Stronger

What’s often missing from sermons today?

How to Navigate the Negative Naysayer

When someone trumpets a series of baseless complaints, they are like a young child discovering a live mic in a room full of people. The noise is loud, overbearing, and impossible to ignore.

Don’t Forget the Next Generation

Are you overlooking a third of your church?

Navigating the Election With Responsibility and Peace

When we vote, we’re not binding our consciences to a particular candidate. We are simply trying to better our country as best we can. Part of “loving your neighbors” is caring about issues affecting them (not just issues affecting you).

5 Gold Mines of Sermon Illustrations

Illustrations also help the listener to understand your points, especially the more abstract or theological ones.

Are You Paying Your Pastor a Fair Wage?

Most people use their own salaries as a point of comparison. If a pastor makes more than they do, it’s too much. If a pastor makes less than they do, it’s too little.