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Are You Paying Your Pastor a Fair Wage?

Most people use their own salaries as a point of comparison. If a pastor makes more than they do, it’s too much. If a pastor makes less than they do, it’s too little.

Here’s What Goes Through My Mind During a Sermon

At any point during a sermon, someone is moving around. Unless you’re doing jumping jacks in a leotard, it’s not likely to bother me.

How to Win Over Your Influential Critics

3 helpful steps for gaining the support of those who disagree with you

What We Misunderstand About the Church on the Corner

Successful neighborhood churches embrace a philosophy of being strategically small rather than intentionally small.

Every Word Inspired

The Bible reveals God’s plan for redeeming his people. The story has ups and downs, unexpected plot twists, failures and successes. It’s not G-rated, and all the characters are flawed, with one exception—Jesus.

Creating a Culture of Intentional Evangelism

Upping our gospel-sharing game

Why Healthy Churches Are Messy

Why do some healthy churches look unhealthy from the outside?

Common Causes for Anxiety — And What to Do About It

The combination of these stress points can create complex and nuanced problems in ministry. But there are some practical ways to combat the inevitable anxiety of ministry. Consider these tactics.