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More than Friendliness — How Smaller Churches Can Get It Right

Many churches believe they are friendly, but too few demonstrate hospitality. The problem is friendliness is often directed internally. Members are kind and pleasant with each other and overlook guests.

I’m a New Member. Now, What?

Church membership is an essential part of following Christ. Enjoy the fellowship of believers at your church.

How to Encourage Generosity Toward Missions in Your Church

An approach for cultivating a culture of generosity

How Helpful Is a Conversion Ratio?

One way of determining evangelistic health is through a metric called conversion ratio. This ratio tells you how many people in your church it takes to win one person for Christ.

7 Surprising Truths About Your Unchurched Neighbors

Debunking Our False Assumptions

Which Younger Generation Is More Likely to Walk Into Your Church?

While almost a third of this younger generation does not claim a particular religion (the “nones”), they attend religious services at a slightly higher rate than their Millennial and Gen X parents.

What to Say to the Worst Critics

Keep calm and use facts. Maintaining a good reputation is a biblical requirement for pastors. I can understand the visceral reaction of defensiveness when faced with a public attack. Most want to defend their good name. The problem is you escalate the issue when you respond emotionally.

Caution: Using a Remote Office

You can listen to each instrument of a symphony independently, but the expression and emotion of the song are absent unless you hear everyone playing together. There is a creative energy that is lost through a screen.