Charles Stone: How to Start and Stay Strong in a New Church Job

Every Pastor’s First 180 Days

Every Pastor’s First 180 Days: How to Start and Stay Strong in a New Church Job
(Equip Press, 2019)

WHO: Charles Stone, who has been a pastor for 40 years in large and small churches.

HE SAYS: “Onboarding is an intentional, multi-month process of assimilation, alignment and acquiring new tools that a pastor must prioritize as he or she enters a new ministry role.”

THE BIG IDEA: This guidebook for new and seasoned pastors provides proven steps to successfully navigate their first 180 days.

This guide breaks down its main advice into two acronyms. PALM stands for prioritize self and family care, avidly over-communicate, listen and learn, and manage change wisely. SADDLE stands for start early, avoid common pitfalls, define reality, develop a game plan, lead your team and establish trust.

“I want to help pastors and ministry leaders coming to a new church (or even beginning a new phase of ministry in their existing church) thrive even in the midst of ministry stress and challenges.”

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