Anne Marie Miller: Healing Together

A Guide to Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors

Healing Together: A Guide to Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors
(Zondervan, 2019)

WHO: Anne Marie Miller, who was named one of Christianity Today’s “10 Women Who Are Changing the Southern Baptist Response to Abuse.”

SHE SAYS: “All abuse is wrong. All abuse is unbiblical. All abuse is evil. Most abuse is criminal.”

THE BIG IDEA: Practical steps, tips and real-life stories on preventing and recognizing sexual abuse.

The seven chapters of this book provide a practical guide to dealing with childhood sexual abuse. The author provides common terms and definitions, explains what the role of supporters is, and helps readers understand what it means to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to abuse.

“By learning to recognize abuse when it happens and responding to it in a way that tries to ensure the least amount of pain, we are doing God’s work.”

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