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Is God Real?

Come with me as we travel around America –– from Boston to Seattle, from Denver to Los Angeles, from Texas to Indiana –– to meet some of the scholars I have interviewed about whether God is real.

Walking in Humility

How much do you talk about yourself, especially in glowing terms, versus the time you invest honoring others, telling their stories, and giving the ultimate credit to God?


The courage required to make a you-turn, to truly repent, may be why so few pastors speak on it and why so few books are written on it.

You’re Not as Broken as You Think

How often do we measure ourselves with a tape measure that is no longer, or never even was, accurate for our needs?

Suffer Differently

Hope—the future state of time that our minds long to occupy—must begin with a relationally grounded, material experience with Jesus mediated through the Spirit, the Scriptures, and, often most powerfully, his body.

20th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year: Spiritual Growth

The panelists thoughtfully evaluated each submission and chose one or more as an Outreach Resource of the Year, then highlighted other titles as “Also Recommended.” Here are the winners in the Spiritual Growth category.

20th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year: Counseling and Relationships

About 20% of those who lose a loved one experience an unrelenting mental health condition known as “complicated grief.” Of course, these numbers do not even touch the grief resulting from job loss, the pandemic and other bereavements. Grief abounds. That’s why Tim Challies’ Seasons of Sorrow is particularly relevant for anyone in ministry and counseling.