Lori Stanley Roeleveld: The Art of Hard Conversations

Biblical Tools for the Tough Talks That Matter

The Art of Hard Conversations
(Kregel, 2019)

WHO: Lori Stanley Roeleveld, who works in Rhode Island with at-risk families or those who have a child with a serious emotional disorder.

SHE SAYS: “Like other ordinary things—bread, water, wine—conversation is elevated to new heights and deeper meanings at the touch of our Lord.”

THE BIG IDEA: You can have effective, fruitful conversations, even when they are difficult to have, if you have the right tools.

Part 1, “Perspectives and Personalities—Understanding and Embracing the Challenge,” examines the role personality has in difficult conversations; addresses our excuses, fear and arguments; and looks at times when we should be silent and times when we need to speak.
In Part 2, “Prepare for Success,” the author equips readers with several questions they should ask themselves before having a hard conversation such as “Is This Conversation Grounded and Timed in Love?” and “What Emotions May Be Involved in This Conversation?”
Part 3, “Putting the Art into Practice,” gives practical tips for starting and concluding hard talks, plus ways to keep the conversation going.

“I believe hard conversations are a sacred art, a calling by Christ on our lives, a kingdom-building work he compels and equips us to do.”

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