Chap Clark: Adoptive Church

Creating an Environment Where Emerging Generations Belong

Adoptive Church
Creating an Environment Where Emerging Generations Belong
(Baker, 2018)

WHO: Chap Clark, senior pastor at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California, and president of ParenTeen.

HE SAYS: “Adoptive ministry sees the church as Christ’s body, the household of God, the home of everyone whom God has called.”

THE BIG IDEA: God has made a way for all of us to come home as his adopted children. Adoptive youth ministry is simply helping kids live that truth.

We need to reframe how we think about youth ministry. This book, beginning with Part 1, “The Goal of an Adoptive Church,” spells out what churches need to understand about creating a welcoming, adoptive atmosphere for their youth.
Part 2, “The Structure of an Adoptive Church,” discusses how to build your ministry team, implement an adoptive youth ministry philosophy and develop strong partners.
Part 3, “The Foundamental Practices of an Adoptive Church,” explores going beyond “doing” youth ministry.

“Our task is to develop the kind of strategy and and create the kind of environment where young people can not only envision themselves as vital members of the flawed-yet-redeemed family but also be put on a pathway to actually experiencing this reality.”

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