Travis Collins: What Does It Mean to Be Welcoming?

Navigating LGBT Questions in Your Church

What Does It Mean to Be Welcoming?
(IVP, 2018)

WHO: Travis Collins, senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.

HE SAYS: “The way of compassionate morality means extending our arms and hearts to people who are making bad sexual choices whether they are straight or gay, but not endorsing those choices.”

THE BIG IDEA: We need to consider who we might welcome everyone into church while calling for all to be transformed.

Part 1, “The Complexity,” examines the motives behind the difficult conversations that churches and Christians need to have about LGBT questions. Part 2, “The Topic,” explains what the Bible says, what the affirming position states and what the traditional position says. Part 3, “The Way Forward,” offers testimonies and positions for continuing the conversation.

“To love God is to keep his commandments as best we can understand them. To love people is to extend grace. We cannot falter on either.”

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A 2019 Outreach Resource of the Year—Social Justice/Issues Category

“A legitimate attempt to navigate complexities in an honest way that includes and respects varying voices, positions and opinions.”

Evaluated by Mark DeYmaz, an author, Outreach magazine contributing editor, founding pastor of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, and cofounder and president of Mosaix Global Network.


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