Going From a Staff to a Team

What shall we do as leaders to build strong teams of people who love each other in the best way possible?

Be Present as a Leader

Leading in person can form a stronger team and culture.

The Future of Ministry Is Local

3 characteristics of an effective hyperlocal pastor
post-pastorate profession

10 Models of Post-Pastorate Professions

God’s leading can show up through a gradual transition to something known. Or to something unknown. Here are 10 successful transitions of people now serving in new ministry positions.

3 Steps for Church Planters to Build a Healthy Team

These steps will help you lay the foundation for a healthy staff culture from the ground up.

Thinking Globally as a Church

Start where global needs and your community intersect.
consequences of covid

The Great COVID-19 Job Churn

Why 2021 Will Be a Year of Massive Job Turnover

The Future Is Local

Why hyperlocalization is the new normal in pastoral ministry.

Should I Stay or Go?

7 indicators it may be time to leave your church

Wise Transitions

How not to be an unintentional interim pastor