What You Need to Know About Millennials, Gen Z and Social Media

There are striking differences between the ways millennials and Gen Z consume media.

How is your church using video on social media—or is it at all? According to research, it is the top way to catch the attention of the up-and-coming Generation Z.

Wibbitz, an online video creation company, has released new research, How to Reach Audiences with Social Video: From Millennials to Generation Z, which shows the difference in preferences, habits and consumption of video on social media between millennials and Generation Z. This information can help churches tailor their social media outreach for different age groups.

Wibbitz surveyed more than 1,000 people between the ages of 18–22 (Generation Z) and 23–37 (millennials), reporting that Generation Z watches 3.4 hours of video each day while millennials watch 2.5 hours. Both groups are spending more time watching video than reading articles, but Generation Z is spending a significant 70 percent more time on video.

The study also revealed:

1. Gen Z ranked Youtube and Instagram top for social platforms where they watch the most video, but millennials ranked Facebook number 1.
2. Audio matters more for Gen Z, 45 percent watch video with sound on as opposed to 31 percent of millennials.
3. Gen Z are 15 percent more likely to feel neutral about social video ads, and millennials are 16 percent more likely to hate them.
4. Watching videos posted by brands on social media impacts Gen Z more than millennials in three key variables: connection, interest and understanding.

Get the free report findings here.

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