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What If Gen Z Is Awakened, Equipped and Unleashed?

Why the next-generation could be the greatest missionary force in history

Intergenerational Mentoring: Gen Z Has Much to Learn and Even More to Teach

Those who are younger feel more comfortable taking advice from peers instead of those who are older and more seasoned (put another way: from someone who has actually done something, over time, with success).

Let’s Let Gen Z Lead the Way

Gen Z brings valuable perspectives that can enrich and reawaken the church community. By embracing diversity, prioritizing authenticity and relationships, and navigating hard issues with grace and consistency, church leaders can create a more inclusive and dynamic ministry environment.

Stay Here

“I don’t think we do a good job talking about depression, anxiety and suicide [in the church]. We need to have conversations with people and listen to their stories.” —Jonah Coyne

What Will It Take to Reach Gen Z?

Insights on what is probably the last homogeneous generation

10 Things Young Adults Need From Your Church

What churches that are reaching younger generations are offering

Reaching the ‘Hopeless Generation’

Hope for the loneliest generation

Answering Next-Gen Questions About Faith

The next generation has questions about faith and the church we should be paying attention to.