What If Gen Z Is Awakened, Equipped and Unleashed?

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed they will change the way we do and view ministry forever. They will embrace the gospel as the ultimate cause and rally other young people to join the movement. They will feed the hungry with bread and point them to Jesus, the Bread of Life (John 6:35.) They will give the thirsty water and offer them Jesus, the Living Water (John 7:37–39.) They will seek to stop human trafficking, as well as “soul trafficking,” as Satan seeks to traffic the souls of the next generation to hell (2 Tim. 2:24–26.)

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed they will use technology in mind-blowing ways to advance the gospel. They will share their stories without shame and use TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram to point their friends to the hope that they have in Jesus. They will show us how to endure low-level persecution and answer their online critics with a smile emoji. Thirteen-year-olds will use their social media platforms to spread the gospel faster and farther than Billy Graham ever dreamed of.

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed they will look at their time at school just like they view a summer mission trip. Every cafeteria table will be viewed as an unreached people group, every walk down the hallway as a search and rescue mission, every teen sitting by themselves as an opportunity to show and share the love of Jesus.

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed youth group will no longer just be a sanctified friend group hang out. It will be a weekly gathering of prayer warriors and gospel advancers who come together to share war stories from the week, intercede for their yet-to-be-reached friends, encourage each other in the battle, experience passionate worship of the God who rescued them, receive more evangelism, apologetics and discipleship training and, of course, play some games and eat some pizza. After all, they’re still teenagers.

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed they will turn our way of teaching them upside down. Their relentless evangelism during the week will trigger real and raw discussions during youth group. Questions like “How do we reach our LGBQT+ friends?” and “Why do we believe the Bible is the ultimate authority?” and “Why would we call God ‘loving’ if he created an everlasting hell for all those who reject him?” will often dominate youth group night. This will force youth leaders to always be ready to pivot from their curriculum approach to the messiness of letting teenagers ask the hard questions they are being asked by their friends as they share the gospel.

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed stories of changed lives, saved souls and mobilized teenagers will start circulating online. A revival underground will begin that turns the spark of spiritual awakening into an unstoppable inferno that will burn up the dead wood of religion and tradition and, in the process, set entire churches ablaze for Christ. Revival will spread from the youth room to the church auditorium as moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, pastors and people, get convicted, then inspired, then transformed by the example of teenagers who are setting the pace for evangelism and discipleship in their communities and churches.

If Gen Z is awakened, equipped and unleashed with and for the gospel they will be the greatest missionary force in the history of the church.

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This article originally appeared on Thinke.org and is reposted here by permission.