Tips for Starting a Satellite Campus Across State Lines

There are some things you need to know if you're considering ministering across state lines.

7 Church Leadership Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade

Insights from a church coach and consultant

Consider Hiring Church Specialists Online

For projects that require specialized skills, consider hiring online.

5 Types of Meetings to Lead Your Team to Success

While many organizations shy away from meetings, StartCHURCH has implemented a series of focused meetings that keeps us moving toward our vision. Here are five meetings I recommend...

Be Present as a Leader

Leading in person can form a stronger team and culture.

How to Handle Removing a Board Member

Two ways to remove a board member who is no longer supporting you and the ministry

What to Consider as We Prepare to Gather Again

How will things be different when we gather again?

Should You Consider a Church Merger?

Here are some pivotal questions and considerations for any church thinking about merging with another.

How to Stay in Good Standing With the State

Make sure you file this state report to keep your church's status from being suspended.

Should Your Church Start a Business?

Churches are starting separate businesses to help fund ministry. Should your church follow the trend?
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