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8 Qualities of Successful Church Planters

These things will get your church plant off on the right foot.

Biblical Principles for Organizing Your Church

Applying biblical wisdom to today's context.

Tools for Outreach: Ministry Consulting

Whatever the size of your church, there is a wealth of expert consulting services to fit your needs.

How to Go the Distance in Ministry

Three keys to finishing well

Should You Consider a Church Merger?

Here are some pivotal questions and considerations for any church thinking about merging with another.

7 Church Leadership Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade

Insights from a church coach and consultant

6 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Team

Here are some key ways to motivate your team, but remember no list can replace a genuine care for your team.

Best Practices for Online Kids’ Ministry

Tips for kid-friendly online services.

Consider Hiring Church Specialists Online

For projects that require specialized skills, consider hiring online.

9 Habits to Develop Now to Lead the Post-Coronavirus Church

What lessons will God teach you through this time?