Global Outreach Day Leaders Call for Prayer

Global Outreach Day leaders have called for prayer worldwide on Sunday, March 22 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has affected millions of people around the world with sickness as well as closing down businesses, schools, and restricting public life. “GO2020 starts now, we don’t have to wait until May,” said Beat Baumann, international director of Global Outreach Day. “We’re asking everyone to pray on March 22 for God’s intervention and for the church stand up and share the message of hope.”

Global Outreach Day or GO2020 has been preparing worldwide to mobilize 100 million believers with 1 billion people in May. Now the launch has been moved up to March 22 with prayer because people are fearful, insecure, anxious, and looking for hope now. “We’re asking for churches to host prayer meetings virtually or for Christians to pray this Sunday for ‘God send me,’” said Baumann. “The world needs a bold church who are standing up and therefore GO2020 starts now. We’re asking everyone to pray, ‘please send me to be ready to be an answer to prayer.’” The week after March 22nd, we encourage every believer to be a witness to do good deeds and share Christ in the crisis.

Global Outreach Day’s partners include the World Evangelical Alliance, CRU, the Pentecostal World Fellowship, the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America, GKPN, and many other organizations. Participating churches plan to host online prayer meetings or do livestreams.

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