innovation in the church

Where Is Our Innovation?

Excerpted from ‘The Innovation Crisis’ (Moody Publishers)
open heart

Changing the Heart of the Leader

Church leaders are not responsible for coming up with plans or strategies of mobilization. We are to put into action what God places in our hearts.

Planting Churches in the 21st Century

Stuart Murray: A Guide for Those Who Want Fresh Perspectives and New Ideas for Creating Congregations

Isolation: The Soil for Collapse

"Let’s never get past our need for Jesus to carry us."

Juggling the Daily Demands of a Pastor

It's eye-opening to consider all the small ways a pastor is involved in the life of the church. How can we find balance?

Al Tizon: On Mission to Reconcile the World—Part 1

He was disillusioned with missions, now he wants to reimagine it.

The Broader Current

Revitalizing the American church

Why Stress Makes a Leader

Excerpted from 'Tempered Resilience' (IVP) by Tod Bolsinger
humble leader

The Prayer of a Humble Leader

How a leader responds reveals his or her heart toward the Lord.
pastoral health

Radical Rest

Permit yourself to disconnect to reconnect to Christ.