Missional Map-Making

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How to Ruin Your Life

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Danny Franks: Hospitality Is an Evangelistic Gift—Part 2

Hospitality is the responsibility of every church member. Consider these things as you assess your guest services.

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How Rediscovering the Church as Family Changes Everything

3 Ways a Strong Leader Handles Criticism

We can't control what another person says, but we can control our response.

Excellent at a Few Things – And Other Laws of Leadership

Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn: "Many churches could reduce the number of their institutional programs by 25 percent without doing any damage to their ministry. "

The Blessing of Losing My Dream Job

I thought I'd found the job that was the culmination of all God's plans for me, but God had other, better plans.

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A new philosophy of ministry builds people, not just the church.

Know What You’re FOR

A Growth Strategy for Work, an even Better Strategy for Life

The Path to Your Platform

Excerpted FromThe Leader in YouBy Ebony S. Small Have you ever wrestle with the following questions? What have I been put on earth to do?What am I passionate about?What...