How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority
(Zondervan, 2017)

WHO: Clay Scroggins, lead pastor of North Point Community Church.

HE SAYS: “Leaders lead with the authority of leadership … or without it. The authority is largely irrelevant—if you are a leader, you will lead when you are needed.”

THE BIG IDEA: Life teaches us that the authority to lead and the opportunity to lead are a package deal. The truth is, each of us has a unique opportunity to create an oasis of excellence right where we are, no matter our position.

In Part 1, Clay defines our cultural understanding of leadership, explaining how a person’s sense of identity influences what makes them a leader and looking at the spectrum of ambition, from passively waiting for authority be handed over to ambition running wild.
Part 2 looks at four behaviors we need to employ now: leading ourselves, choosing positivity, thinking critically and rejecting passivity.
Part 3 examines the risks and benefits of challenging the status quo and what that looks like, ending with a challenge to readers to ask themselves questions about how and why they want to lead when they are in charge.

“Leading without authority is more difficult than leading with authority. It requires a level of self-awareness that few of us are ready to develop. Because leading without authority means you need to have a clear understanding of your identity—who you are as a leader, apart from any titles.”

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A 2018 OUTREACH RESOURCE OF THE YEAR—Leadership Category
Evaluated by Bob Whitesel

“Most emerging leaders must develop leadership skills when their authority is limited. Clay Scroggins lays out for these leaders a plan of self-care, positivity, analytical awareness and confidence that God is in control. The concluding section ‘Challenging Up’ is invaluable, offering practices to successfully communicate up the leadership pipeline.”

Bob Whitesel, a speaker, coach, professor and author of 13 books.


Clay Scroggins
Clay Scroggins

Clay Scroggins is lead pastor of Buckhead Church, one of the largest campuses of North Point Ministries.