Recapturing the Wonder

Recapturing the Wonder
Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World
(IVP Books, 2017)

WHO: Mike Cosper, founder of Harbor Media and former executive pastor at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

HE SAYS: “My life as a Christian had left me with a certain amount of fluency with faith: I could keep up in conversations about theology, the history of the Bible, the world of the first century, and the history of the church. … But I couldn’t help but feel the gap between knowing and know-how, between what I knew I could say about my faith and what I could do with it.”

THE BIG IDEA: Ancient and modern disciplines can shape a Christian way of life and awaken the possibility of living again in an enchanted world.

The structure of this book is easy to follow: Seven pathways or disciplines that can lead us to live a richer life with God. These disciplines include experiencing God, understanding his grace, spending time reading the Bible, going on a retreat with God to listen, fasting and giving, throwing a feast and creating rules to live fully with God.

“The disciplines didn’t just provide the strength to endure the troubles that this world threw at me; they opened up the possibility of living in another world.”

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“Cosper presents seven pathways, the first to live above cultural shallowness and to experience the enchantment (I like his word) of seeing God as present and shepherding. The second is about accepting God’s undeserved grace. Then there are very sensible and doable pathways three through seven—think of them as disciplines—of Scripture time, silent retreats, fasting and being generous (he puts those two together), feasting and enjoying God’s gifts, and writing your personal rules for living the enchanted life in combination with our Lord.”

Evaluated by Knute Larson, an Outreach consulting editor and a pastoral coach and teacher. He also is the pastor emeritus of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio, and editor of Pastorpedia, a monthly video and set of notes.